Fall foliage, 2017

This is a practice in observation. Discerning the changes around us, with the changing weather and temperature.

I returned to the Chinqua-Penn Walking Trail to snap most of these shots.

11052017 pond 3
We enter the forested area. Mostly maple (Acer), some members of the hickory (Carya) genus.
11052017 dogwood
Flowering dogwood, Cornus florida.
11052017 entertainment
Maple. Acer spp.
11052017 maple
Maple. Red-dappled.
11052017 pond 2
Yellow on the right is maple.
11052017 sweetgum
Sweetgum. Liquidambar styraciflua.
11052017 redbud
Redbud, Cercis canadensis. On the farm. This is the form the redbud takes when it has been coppiced, or cut from the base. This is mostly one-year growth. Rather than take it out completely from the cultivated rows, numerous specimens been coppiced, so this form is common throughout the market garden.


11092017 fall contrast.jpg
I am struck by the ongoing contrast between the greens on one hand, and the maroons, yellows, and russets on the other. Photo taken in a small grove south of the market garden.

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