Nature in April

These photos were taken on April 17. I couldn’t tell you how the weather was, I don’t remember. It was probably fairly cool (we didn’t have our last frost until April 21 or so), hot towards noon. It was probably right before we had our final Spring rain, after which Summer settled in. All rains from here on out will be thunderstorms and scattered showers.

Summer’s first lightning bugs (fireflies) first showed up around Monday of this week. I will never get over the sheer improbability of a bug that glows, like stars that have descended to fly among us.

Future posts will feature what’s flowering. This is a visual almanac.

04172018 pine
I have to admit to being clueless about the gymnosperms. But I believe this is one in flower. The pines in our forest biome tend to be yellow pines, Virginia pines, and loblolly pines. 
04172018 sweetgum
Liquidambar styraciflua, sweetgum. My fascination with the cork-like “wings” of the year-old branches is ongoing and unquenchable.

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