An unfortunate occurrence

This is the busiest time of year for me, as a small farmer. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to share what is currently happening to a precious landmark in Rockingham County.

The photos below document the restored tobacco barn which sits a few hundred yards away from the still-majestic (but privately-owned) Chinqua-Penn Plantation. The barn is still owned by the state, to the best of my knowledge (there will be time for investigation later). After some renovation, the barn was converted to a Farmer’s Market, which is still operational. Scroll down for more.

20180302 chinquapenn 1

20180302 chinquapenn 2

20180302 chinquapenn 3

20180302 chinquapenn 4

20180302 chinquapenn 5
A vehicle collided with the building sometime on Tuesday, February 27. It was likely coming from the point opposite where this photo was taken.
20180302 chinquapenn 6
A significant corner support pole was taken out. This corner has sunk considerably since I last looked at the building yesterday (March 1).

20180302 chinquapenn 7

20180302 chinquapenn 8
The same building that was affected, seen from the opposite side. The left of the building was the part what was run into. It does not look very evident that anything is wrong, from this angle.

20180302 chinquapenn 9

20180302 chinquapenn 10

20180302 chinquapenn 11

I do not know if/when any repairs will take place.

More information can be found on the Facebook page of WGSR-Star News.


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