A man and his plow

Today my father plowed the third section of the home garden. In my own garden, I’m working on developing a no-till, perennial agriculture, but, to help feed the family and sell at the market, we rely on a tractor powered by fossil fuels.

12242017 plow
His orange Kubota tractor seen from three hundred feet. The loader is raised.
12242017 plow 2
The dog investigates on the left while my father finishes up a row.
12242017 plow 3
Backing up to plow a new row.
12242017 plow 5
This implement is known as a single-bottom plow. When viewed from behind, it is asymmetrical in form, as is hinted by the side view.


The color seems a bit off in this photo, but it is a good illustration of the depth of the plow (on open ground with no significant roots), and how the upturned soil appears. The clods of “red dirt-clay” will freeze, thaw, get soaked by rain, freeze again, and thaw again, all to create a mostly-fertile bed for spring and summer crops.
12242017 plow 6
The middle plot. This is Carolina red clay at its finest.

2 thoughts on “A man and his plow”

  1. Interesting to see the plow at work. I would guess it is not as easy as it looks! Btw, we have also started experimenting with no-dig gardening though on a very small scale. So far it does seem beneficial in terms of reducing weed growth, improving soil and saving labour.


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