Jewels of Opar

Also called fame flower (Talinum paniculatum), with lime-green succulent leaves and panicled seedstalks, for many reasons, is becoming a signature plant of the farm. According to the USDA, this plant is native as far north as NC! This is news to me, and I’ll continue to investigate. In addition, there seems to be some nomenclature confusion.

From our experience, the root, if left in the ground, persists and puts out new, strong growth the following season (at least that’s what happened following the 2016-17 winter – we shall see how 2018 shapes up).

Carrying tiny pink flowers throughout the spring and summer, which then become red “jewels,” this plant also self-sows in the immediate vicinity.

The leaves can serve as a spinach substitute in summer salads, but I think the root has the potential to be the most invaluable aspect of the plant. More investigation is necessary.

10282017 jewels of opar
The leaves are beginning to lose their brilliance as Jack frost approaches. But the red berries are ever gleaming. Solidago in the background.
talinum paniculatum
Galati, B. G. 1986. Ontogenia del fruto de Talinum paniculatum (Jacq.) Gaertn. (Portulacaceae). Parodiana 4: 123-131.

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