Iron Behemoth

Really, you’re not that big, but intimidating in your rusty patination, you defy the passerby to brush against you, to venture close enough to touch.

I spied you on a detour from my detour; stopping to examine the meadow grasses beneath my feet, I knew I was not alone. And glancing to my right, in the 20-year growth, you made yourself known.

On the approach, your charisma only expanded, to fill the atmosphere 10 feet in every direction; your sphere of influence dominant in this silent patch of woods. (the cicadas have ceased their death sirens for this revolution)

I did not touch you, but I knew. You are a product of human effort and ingenuity, you are not here by choice. But if humans created you, it is nature that will be your companion in the here and the hereafter. Silent and still in your slumber, your power had not been exhausted.

You will still be with us. As we go about our quotidian meanderings and distractances, you will stay apace with the inexorable march of time.

So many questions unanswered – who were your passengers? what precious cargo did you shuttle from one place to the next? what was your original color?

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