Barbara and Tom

We welcomed two talented itinerant authors to the market this past Saturday, June 25.

Barbara Collins Golding has authored Barefooted, a touching collection of poems and vignettes centered around her memories and life experiences. Many bring a tear to my eye because they speak of the bygone days of Rockingham County. It is not the nostalgia, however, that affect one the most, but the depth of her spirit and her gratitude, even when she laments grief and loss. Where she does not paint pictures with words, she includes photographs from her archives to accompany her writings.

06242017 tom and barb
Tom and Barbara displaying their creative endeavors.

Tom Lanier, member of the Rockingham County Gun Club, and active in the Rockingham County Writers’ Workshop, brings us A Friend in Need. Subtitled “A Story of the New South,” this is at once a mystery novel and an account of coming to terms with the aftermath of war in a foreign land. The allusions are clear and add to the depth of the read:

“God struck Saul of Tarsus blind on the Damascus Road to get his attention. In the natural order of things, age and infirmity have a humbling effect and clear our vision.”  (page 62)

With its serious subtext, this book would make an enjoyable read during a weekend excursion – thought-provoking, fast-paced, and entertaining in equal turns.

The Arts thrive at Market Square!

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