Late spring flowers

Two days from the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. After June 21, day will begin waning, even as summer marches onward. My recollection seems to be that, last year, the dry season began mid-July. We shall see what the pattern looks like this year.

Why so many pictures of flowers? They are beautiful, yes, but this is my way of keeping up with what is blooming and when. This may help with long-term record-keeping, and perhaps understanding what gives the honey its flavor. But – most importantly – this is a way of communicating to folks what we’re doing to responsibly increase our county’s biodiversity.

06192017 bee balm
Bee balm (probably Monarda fistulosa). This plant continues to spread outward from a central crown. Has reached six feet.
06192017 licorice mint
The garden has become a veritable blanket of licorice mint (aka anise hyssop).
06192017 tephrosia
Close-up of the Tephrosia virginiana. Beautiful in its own right, it does not have the vivid coloration of the T. virginiana found at the pollinator garden in Chatham County.

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