My first pottery post

North Carolina is home to world-class potters. Eden hosts an annual pottery festival that continues to attract fans from all over. So, it wasn’t surprising when our market finally got an artisan potter. Tara set up shop for the first time last Saturday. I fell in love with her work, and her mom makes beautiful jewelry from semiprecious stones.

I had never bought my own hand-made mug before, and people who know me and my coffee and tea addiction know that I waited my whole life for the moment of seeing the perfect mug for my morning coffee.

The egg was not included.

This mug is one-of-a-kind, as is each work created by Tara. It is just about my favorite part of the morning.

3 thoughts on “My first pottery post”

  1. You are so kind Walter! It has been awesome meeting you and working along side of you the past few weeks! You seem to be a driving force in this community and I’m excited to collaborate!


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