A note on team-teaching

I am an educator by day, and farm the gaps.

In our classroom, I work with a co-instructor, and I think this creates a beneficial situation for our students. We plan together, bounce ideas off of each other, and collaborate to create the best learning environment possible.

I was struck today by a startling realization.

Team-teaching is not just about all of the above, but about being able to give and receive real-time feedback. As I become a better person (read: older and more mature), and a better teacher, I become more aware of myself – knowing when I get offended, and why, or when I get taken by surprise, or when something hurts my feelings, or makes me feel joyful, or angry. So, when my co-instructor interjects while I’m teaching, I take it and run. This is for a couple of reasons: I know her better, and so when she says something, I have a clear idea of what she is communicating; more importantly, though, I see the truth in what she’s saying – it’s difficult to be inward-facing when I’m so focused on dealing with the external world (even though what I’m saying/doing comes from within).

The resultant scenario is, in the very moment that I’m speaking, I’m able to adapt to the current situation – I’m more fluid, in the moment, responsive, aware. Omniscient is the wrong word, but suddenly, I see my teaching not through my internal lens, but through that of my co-teacher, and so my awareness suddenly expands. I do try to see myself through my students’ eyes and perceptions. This can be much more difficult, and is an entirely different blog entry.

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