Lightning Bugs at Twilight

Today was that special day – as dusk descended, fresh after an unexpected thunderstorm, did the lightening bugs serenade the eyes with their eternal dance, a light show that, in its silence, is infinitely more spectacular than the most elaborate firework display. Because, it is true, the eye tires quickly of explosion after explosion of the “fuego artificial,” but the vision seems to grow ever stronger when it lights upon a firefly’s glow.

But why else was today special? Fireflies may seem common to many.

It was the rising mist, the ground heated by rising temperatures, cooled by a sudden downpour (more capricious than the most tantrum-prone – don’t say Mother Nature doesn’t have a personality), gives rise to smoky plumes. Amongst the evaporative, the fireflies make their playground, so self-aware do they seem to be, playing tricks on each other and all who view them – “now you see me, now you don’t.” But even as they disappear, their afterimage stays with the eye, a bright contrast on a murky white background.

It is the case that the firefly leaves contrails of light.

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