Blueberry plume

I hope that all the moms reading this have a berry good Mothers’ Day. Here’s my gift to you: a vision of blueberries soon to come, and delightful European strawberries already here.

04292017 blueberry plume
Pretty sure these are high bush blueberries. Who would have thought that blueberries grow in a spray of fruits at the end of a nearly upright stalk? Nature, like moms, abounds in beauty and mystery. This picture was taken over a week ago. At this point, the branches are drooping with the weight.
04302017 frase bois guild
Fraises des bois, (probably Fragaria vesca), wild strawberry. these plants were started by Pat Bush, one of my mentors. Huge foliage in relation to the berries – probably due to excessive nitrogen content of the soil. A delightful berry, sweet with a tangy undertone. To the right, if one can discern it, is an indigo bush.

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