They mostly keep growing

04242017 caucasian mountain spinach seedlings

The above are newly germinated Caucasian mountain spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides). I’m excited about this because it can grow as a perennial in our zone, and it is reputed to have delicious and tender spinach-like leaves with zero bitterness. Does well in sun or shade.

04242017 scutellaria seedling

Scuttelaria lateriflora, aka mad-dog skullcap. This is a native perennial, growing 1-2 feet. It has been used by herbalists for headaches, insomnia, and calming and strengthening the nervous system. Flowers July through September.

04242017 tephrosia seedling

Tephrosia virginiana, goat’s rue.

04242017 thermopsis seedling

Either Thermopsis caroliniana, or Baptisia alba (white wild indigo). They are very closely related, and difficult for me to tell apart. I’m pretty sure it’s Thermopsis. Fabaceae family.

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