Astragalus canadensis update


A brief update on how the goat’s rue is shaping up in the garden.  This appears to be a clumping forb. It continues to put out new growth, mostly prostrate or semi-upright stems.

Measurement of the width of each “clump” is as follows:

Number Width (inches)
1 2.25
2 2.5
3 3
4 1.75
5 4.25
6 2.5
7 4
8 3.25
9 1
10 2.75
11 3
12 2.5
13 2.25
14 2.75
15 4

Why is all this important? I’m still figuring out why. It’s important to me to have native plants on our farm. I’m trialing the goat’s rue to see a) how much biomass it adds, b) if that biomass is enjoyed by chickens, and c) if pollinators, including honey bees, are attracted to its flowers.


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